Limb-it-Less Creations Inc.

                      (Boston Youth Jamboree )                     


In 2015 Femita founded her own non-profit organization, Limb-it-Less Creations Inc. The mission of her organization is, “To create awareness and provide support to the amputee community, as well as people with physical disabilities.” Unfortunately, since her track career has taken off, her organization has been on hiatus. However, Femita is passionate about giving back, and has volunteered at the Boston Youth Jamboree for several years. 


Femita sits on the board for two non-profit organizations (The Born To Run Foundation & Adaptive Sports New England) that align with the mission of her organization by giving back and supporting the disabled community. 

The Born to Run FoundationThe Born to Run Foundation provides specialized prosthetics to young adults and children who want to live a fun and fulfilling life. Our goal is to show amputees that having a disability does not mean they are incapable of playing sports and being active, and to show them that being different is something to embrace.



Adaptive Sports New England: The mission of Adaptive Sports New England is to increase participation in sports among New England youth and young adults who have visual or mobility impairments.


If you are interested in supporting, helping, or donating to Limb-it-Less Creations Inc. or any of these organizations please fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch.