About Femita

When Femita was 11 years old, she was in a tragic car accident that resulted in the amputation of her right leg, below the knee. It was not until the age of 23, after Femita graduated from American International College with her bachelor’s degree, that she was introduced to her first running blade.

The first running blade that Femita learned to run with, was donated to her in November 2015 by the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Ossur at a running and mobility clinic in Boston, Ma.

Femita fell in love with the idea of running and began learning her passion immediately. In June of 2016, after six hard months of training, Femita went to the US Paralympic National Championships and won the 100m event, making her the fastest female amputee in the United States (100m National Champion). Shortly after nationals Femita and the rest of the US Paralympic Team headed to Rio De Janiero for the Paralympic Games. It was at these Games that Femita claimed her title as the 6th fastest 200m sprinter in the world.

Continuing her journey in track and field, Femita was able to travel the world and experience things she never imagined were possible. 

Femita is currently training for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021